Orientation and Communication of Maths and Physics Group

The Department for the City and for Schools


Next to the two fundamental objectives of education and research, the University also pursues a third mission, i.e. to promote the direct application, enhancement and use of knowledge to contribute to the social, cultural and economical development of Society. In this perspective, the Department of Mathematics and Physics of Roma Tre is committed to communicate and share the knowledge through a direct relationship with the community and with all its stakeholders, especially with schools, to which has long carried out an intense orientation activity.


Orientation and Communication of Maths and Physics Group


Ilaria De Angelis Coordinator
Francesco Pappalardi - Supervisor for mathematics
Fabio La Franca - Supervisor for physics
Luca Biasco - PLS Supervisor for mathematics
Roberto Maieli - ASL Supervisor for mathematics
Davide Meloni - Outreach for physics
Paolucci Francesca - ASL Amministration



Secretariat and contacts


Francesca Paolucci    fisicaorienta@uniroma3.it
Maria Grazia Proietti   matematicaorienta@uniroma3.it




Aldo Altamore
Enrico Bernieri
Monica Bionducci
Tommaso Bosco
Andrea Bruno
Giulio Codogni
Barbara Cosciotti
Biagio Di Micco
Pierpaolo Esposito
       Corrado Falcolini
Roberto Ferretti
Marco Litterio
Paola Magrone
Stefano Mari
Alessia Naccarato
Domizia Orestano
Biagio Palumbo
       Marco Pedicini
Massimiliano Pontecorvo
Adriana Postiglione
Orietta Proietti
Giuseppe Salamanna
Giuseppe Schirripa Spagnolo
Paola Supino
Francesca Tartarone
Luciano Teresi